How it Started

Mi.Roots has been anchored in our hearts for nearly five years. It has dominated our thoughts, dreams, and conversations. The thought of moving back to where Ryan was raised, growing our own food, and starting a farm business seemed "normal" now. But it wasn't always where we placed our values.


Our values changed as suddenly as the wind during a thunderstorm. We were living the life that we had always wanted. We were making good money, we lived in a country club community, and we had no idea just how much debt we were in. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well it was about to turn into a nightmare. In the summer of 2017, Sara's biggest client stopped paying their bills. We didn't know it then, but she wouldn't get paid again for six months. In that instance we lost over half of our income. In that instance, our values were put into perspective.


Over the next two years we paid off over $72,000 of debt. We freed ourselves from the shackles of bill collectors and became debt free, outside of our mortgage. With this new found freedom we put an emphasis on our gifts to the Lord. We pledged to live within our means and interesting enough found a new dream that we never knew was there.


Out of the darkest point of our married life came an idea that would burn inside our minds. We loved our life in Maryland, but finally realized we weren't running our own race. We were running the Jones's race, and losing. After going to our 20 year high school reunion, Sara had an epiphany. We needed more focus. We needed to focus on Christ. We needed to focus on family, and we needed to focus on our health. Just like that, we decided to move back to Michigan. We decided to get back to our roots.