Lightening Does Strike Twice


Lightening never strikes in one place right? Wrong! Actually, lightening can, and often will strike in the same place repeatedly. Lightening is an electric discharge between the atmosphere and the ground. Figuratively speaking, lightening has stuck this momma more than once. A bolt of internal electricity in my gut. A force so strong that ignites life altering changes. Boom!


In highschool, freshmen year, it was a boy with a cast on his arm. I had no idea why this boy was so special. I've never met him before and was certainly too shy to introduce myself. 8 years later the boy in the cast and the shy girl married and are still going strong almost two decades later.


Lightening struck again my junior year of highschool. I learned of a profession called Landscape Architecture. I was bursting with new energy. I knew deep in my gut that this was what I wanted to pursue. 25 years later I can still call myself a landscape architect.


Little did I know that the biggest bolt of lighting was still to come. The storm of 2018, my 20 year highschool reunion. I was excited to have a quick weekend to meetup with my two girlfriends and former classmates alone without kids! Catching up with friends and reminising left a kindle in my soul. Seeing our old stomping grounds and having church fellowship filled a hole within my soul. It struck me like nothing I've ever experienced before. I knew in that moment that we needed to move back to Michigan.


Will lightening strike again? I hope it does, like it does to the dry summertime prairie with a single spark. Prairie fires slow down the invasion of overgrowth, help to return good nutrients to the soil, and restore life.